Case Study


The growth and development of a NO B.S. brand


expanding the
no b.s. brand experience

RXBAR makes simple, high-quality foods with minimal ingredients with the bold promise of NO. B.S. inside.

It’s right on the front of the pack and their loyal health-conscious, crossfitting, mountain climbing, customers love them for it.

But, as you grow, so do the challenges of cultivating a cohesive brand experience across the various touch points of mordern marketing. That’s where we can help.

For RXBAR, we worked on:
• Branding
• Social media content
• Art Direction
• Packaging
• Retail POS/POP
• Processes and Team Development

the goal

Help RXBAR build and grow a cohesive visual brand experience while establishing processes for internal team growth.


as a brand grows, so does the importance of continuity


As a part of the RXBAR team, the challenge was to expand their visual identity across new and existing product lines and develop a cohesive brand experience through their various consumer touchpoints.

In the process, building a versatile internal creative department and network of outside vendors to help foster new ideas while establishing the consistancy and efficiancy that a high-volume company needs.


After studying the brand story and the philosophy, you end up with a simple truth, that people no longer trust the food on their shelves. RXBAR addressed this head on, so “bold honesty” and “simplicity” was now their brand position and what consumers came to know them for. 

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